final winners of the competition:

1st prize:

Your choice of

SAMSUNG LCD – to enjoy watching the AFL directly on your smart TV



2nd prize:

$500 flight Voucher

3rd prize:

Official jersey + sport bag (or other merchandise of the same value if it’s out of stock) of your favourite team


There will also be weekly prizes for the top tipper of each round. These weekly winners will be contacted, so they can choose between a bottle of wine or a pair of movie tickets.

The overall winner/s will be determined based on the overall score at the end of the AFL regular season.

entering tips

To enter your tips each week, head to the Enter Tips page and click on the name of the team you predict will win each match. Then hit the save button at the bottom of the page. Tips can be entered or changed until 5 minutes before the start of each match.


Tippers will receive 1 point for every match, for which they correctly predict the winner. Those who correctly predict the winner of every match in a round, will receive an additional 3 points.

weekly tiebreaker

In the event of a tie between the top tippers each round, the margin predictions will be taken into account. Every round’s tiebreaker question will be the point differential for a selected game, and these predictions can be made on the Enter Tips page. This tiebreaker will only affect those tippers who are tied for first place for that particular round.

end of competition tiebreaker

Should multiple tippers tie at the end of the competition we will operate a `knockout’ system i.e. the tippers will be asked to make further selections covering the next round of the finals series. The eventual winner will be determined on a game by game basis.